FSWB Supports Stillwater Music & Local Budding Artists

First Southwest Bank • April 2, 2019

“Improved schoolwork focus, quality and letter grades.”
“A life-changing improvement in autistic behavior after feeling a part of a community.”
“Opportunities for students to come out of their shell.”
“Adding color to lives and souls through collaboration.”
“Educational, social, daunting, frustration and exhilarating. A “peak” life experience.”

These are just a few of the glowing reviews left by students, parents, audience members and teachers who have experienced Stillwater Music’s programs. Founded in 2005, Stillwater exists to provide joyful educational opportunities for over 700 annual students of all abilities, backgrounds, ethnicities and ages. Musical education isn’t the only goal though! Stillwater aims to assist in the growth and development of youth in a way that gives them the confidence they need to navigate the challenges of growing up.

Each student, whether a child or adult, is welcomed into a skill and age appropriate band led by a professional musician. These Stillwater bands play at various gigs and performances in the Four Corners to develop the skills, confidence and ability they need to play and perform. Stillwater also provides private lessons, summer programs and school electives, teaching over 250 private lessons each week.

Why are music programs such as this one so vital to the health of rural communities? We all know that music provides an outlet for meaningful connection, inspiration, identity, and expression, but a healthy musical culture also curates great economic benefits. A vibrant music economy includes artists and musicians, a thriving music scene, available venues and spaces for music, an engaged audience, and music related businesses. A developed music economy like this contributes to tourism development, job creation, artistic growth and a city’s culture, attracting highly skilled workers and greater business investments.

First Southwest Bank is a proud sponsor of Stillwater Music’s programs and events. As a mission-driven nonprofit, contributions like ours allow Stillwater to keep classes small, provide individual attention to students, keep tuition costs low, and provide scholarships for those who need them.

For more information on Stillwater’s programs, events and sponsorship opportunities you can visit  stillwatermusic.com. You can also visit them on Facebook and Instagram.

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