The Doers: Ross Reels

First Southwest Bank • August 1, 2019

Any proud Coloradan jumps at the opportunity to get into nature. If you ask someone what they are doing this weekend, many will answer with the slogan “the mountains are calling.” It's no different for this Colorado-based company. 

Ross Reels is an adventure-seeking fly fishing company in Montrose, CO. Producing expertly-crafted reels for fly-fishing junkies and hobbyists alike, anglers across the country seek its equipment for their fisherman affairs.

“My first fly reel was a Ross Gunnison. They have handled everything from cutties to muskies; bonefish to tarpon. As a full-time guide in Southwest Colorado, they are my number one on all of my client’s setups” stated Jimmy Largent, fly-fishing guide. 

Founded on a commitment to quality, this company is more than a manufacturer, but an integral part of its community. Giving back with support to multiple organizations and a strong community presence, Ross Reels not only builds people up, but brings them to a sense of home often found on our Colorado waters. One of its recent involvements was a river restoration project that provided a trail to the city of Montrose, and there’s another in the works beginning this fall.

Ross Reels encourages adventure - from whitewater rapids of the Animas to catching high-country trout, this company is at the forefront of the equipment you need and want for an outdoor thrill. 

Among few companies that engineer, machine and assemble their own products in the US, Ross Reels keeps this at the foundation of its dedication to the industry. 30 years in business has gained awards, accolades and unparalleled experience, and it not only makes products we love but makes us proud to support the brand.

Supporting small businesses like Ross Reels is something First Southwest Bank is proud to do. 

David Dragoo, President of Ross Reels stated that “First Southwest Bank is incredibly easy to work with in regard to loans for equipment such as our CNC machines” and went on to describe FSWB as having a “good local business focus” which is beyond important to our Colorado communities. 

First Southwest Bank is proud to serve small businesses in rural Colorado, like Ross Reels. We look forward to being a part of their journey as it unfolds in Southwest Colorado and beyond. Find out more information on our community investments at, and the local non-profit supported by First Southwest Bank, First Southwest Community Fund at