Shop Local This Holiday Season

First Southwest Bank • December 4, 2018


As the holiday season approaches, you’ve probably begun to make your long (or not so long) list of gifts for your holiday hosts, parents, co-workers, siblings, kiddos, and friends.  Being locally minded is important to First Southwest Bank, especially throughout the holiday season so we chatted with Durango’s business alliance non-profit, Local First, to get a few stats on why we should Shop Local, Create Local, Act Local and Be Local in our communities this holiday season.

  • Jobs, Jobs, Jobs: For every $10 million in sales, independent retailers create 47 jobs. For every $10 million in sales Amazon employes just 19 people. Furthermore, when local businesses have to pay additional costs, such as payroll, supplies, and advertising it creates secondary jobs and recirculates money locally.

  • Community Centric Store Owners: On average, small businesses donate about twice as much per employee to charitable organizations as large businesses, and ;ocal retailers pay substantial property taxes and collect sales tax. This means that they vote and engage on issues that you care about.

  • Unique Storefronts = Unique Gifts: Big box stores can result in cookie cutter storefronts, while shopping online could close storefronts completely.


Shopping local is especially important this season, as many local businesses in La Plata County and surrounding areas were negatively impacted by the 416 Fire and the many other fires in the Southwest region. Although the businesses we love and cherish as rural communities took a large financial hit over the summer, we’re hopeful for the economic growth and support that is sure to take place throughout this holiday season.

Here are a just a few few of our suggestions of places to hunt for gifts, treasures, and yummy food  in the next couple of weeks leading up to the holidays.


You can learn more about Local First, a nonprofit business alliance that works with the local, independent business community in La Plata County to create an economy that values people, the planet and prosperity for everyone, by exploring their website,

Happy holidays and happy shopping!