The Doers: Animas Chocolate Company

First Southwest Bank • December 10, 2018


Animas Chocolate Company, located in Durango, Colorado specializes in both bean-to-bar chocolate and fine chocolate confections such as hot chocolate, truffles, and more. Owners, Carley and Marc have taken chocolate to a whole new level, making tasting and enjoying chocolate an experience you’ll want to share with your friends.  As First Southwest Bank customers, we reached out to them to get their take on running a small business in a rural Colorado town and to get an inside look at what’s coming up at Animas Chocolate Company.

What is your favorite part about being a local entrepreneur?

Our favorite part of being business owners, especially in a small rural location like Durango, is our customers. We try very hard to create a unique and high quality product, coupled with a quality of service that is unprecedented in our area, and seeing our customers respond to that in a positive and enthusiastic way is really rewarding. We also love to support our community and its many amazing organizations with donations of our products.

What impact has your company had on the local community?

We have aimed to create a high-quality Durango amenity that adds to the entire experience of downtown and Durango as a whole. We hope that we have a place where people like to bring their friends and family and enjoy each other’s company over some handcrafted chocolate and locally roasted coffee. We would like to ideally be on the “must stop” list for visitors coming to town — something Durango is proud to call its own.

What local business resources have helped make your dream a reality?

Our banker at First Southwest Bank has been a tremendous resource for us throughout our growth process. FSWB was able to help us secure our new location and renovate it in a very short period of time — just in time for last year’s busy holiday season. Region 9 has also been a great help, as well as talking with other small business owners. Being able to talk about trials and successes with other owners helps to keep us in touch with the business trends happening in our region.

What’s coming up in 2019? What can we be looking forward to next at Animas Chocolate Company?

Right now, we’re specifically working to bring more specialty holiday chocolates to our store including working with local artist, Bryce Pettit to create custom chocolate sculptures for your holiday tablescape. In collaboration with Desert Sun Coffee Roasters, we’re also focused on expanding our coffee and chocolate offerings, including cuppings, coffee classes, and other experiences and events. Stay tuned!


For more on Animas Chocolate Company, visit them at Or even better, visit them at 920 Main Avenue in Durango to check out their full line of chocolates and sample drinks from the hot chocolate and coffee bar. Most days the public can peek into the kitchen and check out what is in production for the day, and if you’re lucky, you might find yourself with a sample or two.

First Southwest Bank is proud to serve small businesses in rural Colorado, like Animas Chocolate Company. We look forward to being a part of their journey as it unfolds in Durango. Find more information on our community investments at, and the local non-profit supported by First Southwest Bank, First Southwest Community Fund at