Fighting Financial Fraud

First Southwest Bank • June 27, 2018

When should I provide my online banking info?

NEVER – First Southwest Bank will never ask you for your online user name or password, because we
have access to the user name information already, and can change passwords. Please be aware that
there are people out there that try to get your personal information, online banking information being
one form of that information, for the specific purpose of de-frauding you! If someone tells you to give
them your online banking information so they can make a direct deposit into your account, please know
that there are many ways for a non-related party to deposit into your account – WITHOUT HAVING

Are there times when FSWB will call or email to verify my online banking password?

NEVER – The bank does not have your password and shouldn’t have it! If you need a password re-set,
and a banker resets it, they will always tell you to then change it once you use the one the bank gives
you. You are the only one that should have access to your passwords and there will never be a reason
to give someone your password.

What should I do if I’m just not sure it could be fraud?

Call or come into your local First Southwest Bank branch. We can walk you through your situation and
can usually give you pretty good advice about whether or not you should act on your feelings. We can
also give you resources to contact to report different types of fraud to the proper authorities.

What if I think something is suspicious?

Come in and talk to us!! We want to help you protect your financial and personal information. Just
talking to your local banker may help you feel more at ease with whatever it is your dealing with.

Where can I learn more to protect against fraud?

Come into one of your local First Southwest Bank branches, or call us. You can also look at our website
at There is a great link – FDIC Consumer News page. You can get information
about 10 common scams that are targeting bank customers.