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First Southwest Community Fund

First Southwest Bank is proud to be one of only two Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI) banks in Colorado. Because of the CDFI Designation, First Southwest Bank has access to additional resources to help underserved small businesses. However, there was still unmet need - particularly for startups who do not have three years of financial data and businesses that fell outside of more traditional lending policies.

To solve this, First Southwest Bank (FSWB) created First Southwest Community Fund (FSWCF), a 501c3 nonprofit, in 2015. With a primary mission of supporting tangible economic opportunities throughout rural Colorado, FSWCF makes much needed non-traditional capital loans available to emerging and existing businesses, with a focus on creating more equitable and inclusive access to capital.

In the beginning FSWB and FSWCF partnered on most deals, utilizing FSWCF financing to enable a loan to fit within loan policy parameters. As funding sources grew, FSWCF began to offer targeted, stand alone funding - such as the Rural Women-Led Business Fund and Fortaleza Fund.

Together, as of 2022, we have funded projects totaling $86,752,968.21, with every $1 of FSWCF lent leveraged 5.2 times.

Learn more about First Southwest Community Fund by visiting their website fswcf.org.