Hoffman Farms, Greeley

Hoffman Family

Hoffman Family

Colorado Agricultural Future Loan Program

As a third-generation farmer, Hanmei Hoffman moved to the United States and started Hoffman Farms. She has been farming on the north side of Greeley for the past nine seasons, and 2024 will mark her tenth year in operation.

Hoffman Farms has grown from three acres of mixed produce in 2015 to over 100 acres of wholesale vegetable production. The farm has focused its efforts on farm-to-school activities and underserved communities. It supplies fresh produce to 14 K-12 school districts along the Front Range, impacting over 175,000 student meals. As part of the growth, Hanmei needed funding to purchase newer equipment and consolidate the farm’s existing financing. With the collaborative funding opportunities through both FSWB and FSWCF, the farm was able to purchase the needed equipment while improving cash flow. 

“The biggest challenge to farming is the cost of equipment and the capital needed to expand. Our FSWB and FSWCF loans created cash flow and allowed us to invest in several high-cost pieces of equipment and tools. Our overall gross revenue surpassed our expectations after this investment in equipment. And it helped us expand for the future."  –Hanmei Hoffman, Hoffman Farms