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Credit Builder Loan Program

Start building your credit today

Many borrowers are unable to obtain credit due to no credit, limited credit, or negative credit history. This loan program helps applicants build first-time credit or rebuild credit by giving them the opportunity to show that they can handle consistently making on-time payments. And since payment history is such an important factor in calculating credit scores, it helps build credit. Good Credit Scores are not required in order to open a credit-builder loan. 

Our Credit Builder Loan Program is designed to:

  • Help our customers build their credit score - either to establish credit or improve their current credit score. For example, a customer’s on-time payment on their Credit Builder products will be reported to the major credit bureaus each month which can help them gradually improve their credit score.
  • Give people an opportunity to build a relationship with FSWB and become a long term customer.
  • Provide an alternative to payday and other predatory lenders which charge high rates of interest.
  • Equip our customers with financial education so they can make wiser financial decisions to achieve their financial goals.

This Product is not guaranteed to establish or improve your credit score.

Approval of other First Southwest Bank products and services are not guaranteed due to participation in the Credit Builder Loan Program. Please consult your FSWB Banker for specific product and service guidelines.

Credit Builder is subject to application, eligibility and credit qualification. Rates and terms are subject to change.

Your credit score(s) are dependent on multiple factors specific to your situation and financial behavior. For example, late payments on utility bills, car loans or credit card accounts may negatively influence your credit score(s), even if your payments on a Credit Builder loan are current.

Negative credit history will not be removed from your credit report as a result of this program.