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Personal Loans and Lines of Credit

Eagle Ready Reserve (ERR)

Overdraft Line of Credit

ERR on the side of caution and protect your checking account from overdraft fees (up to the amount of your line of credit). 
  • Auto qualify for up to $500
    • Existing customers with established account of 1 year or more
  • Auto qualify for up to $250
    • New customers
  • Apply to increase your limit with qualified credit (Max limit $5,000)

Personal Loans

A personal loan is one way to consolidate debt or to pay for major expenses. It offers fixed interest rates and fixed monthly payments for the life of the loan. A personal loan is best for one-time funding, or if you know the entire cost of your project up front. You receive the loan in one lump sum.

Personal Lines of Credit

A personal line of credit is a set amount of funds that you can withdraw as needed. If you need ongoing access to funds, or if you don't know the full cost of a project, a personal line of credit may be better. With a personal line, you can use the credit as needed, and only pay interest on the funds you borrow.

All loans are subject to credit approval.